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Early Futures is the subtle earth activism project and pharmacopoeia of Heidi Gustafson.  All proceeds support the Ochre Archive project, a research collection of iron and earth pigments gathered by humans around the planet. Visit full site at earlyfutures.com to learn more.


Each mineral is foraged or sourced from landscapes with permission, then slowly ground into pigment by hands of the heart. Minimally processed to retain vital impulse and honor full sense of place.

Pigments are made in limited editions and homeopathic doses, offered a few times a year.

Workshops are offered seasonally, or as inspired to, in unique mineral teaching landscapes, mostly in the Western United States. Heidi's cabin studio is located north of Bellingham, Washington.


Read Dust to Dust: A Geology of Color by Heidi Gustafson for more on her mineral practice.

Visit the full Early Futures site to read about ochre, pigments and other research areas.

Follow @heidilynnheidilynn on Instagram to see and engage with her studio practice.


Heidi is happy to consider custom requests for personalized pigments (see Personal Pigment offerings) and sometimes larger quantities for individual projects. Email heidi@earlyfutures.com or DM via instagram @heidilynnheidilynn


Please contact Heidi directly if purchasing pigments is not an option for you. Trades and exchanges are available, on an individual basis. Any contributions of earth material to the Ochre Archive are offered a trade of pigments or other foraged material.

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