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Image of PERSONAL PIGMENTS by Heidi Gustafson

PERSONAL PIGMENTS by Heidi Gustafson

$100.00 - Sold out

WAITLIST until February 2022
Not taking requests for the time being. Feel free to email about 2022. Thank you for your patience.

Personal set of earth pigments created and processed slowly by hand to retain and enhance the vital impulse and 'piece of place' of the material.

Heidi creates individual sets for artists, collectors, practitioners and lovers of pigment. They can be for specific projects, practices, applications, or simply for contemplation.

All materials are from her archive of rare, hand-foraged or intuitively sourced earth, ochres and geologic matter from around the planet. Heidi's knowledge of suppliers and alternative natural pigment supply is also helpful to source scalable or readily available pigment based on region, mineral content, behavior or other elemental needs.

Prices start at $100 for a set of 2-3 vials of pigments, and vary from there (see drop-down menu for starting points). Upon purchase Heidi will get in touch with you to start the conversation or feel free to ask initial questions: heidi@earlyfutures.com.

Note on quantity: each vial contains a homeopathic dose, ~10g of pigment.

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